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The importance of maintaining up-to-date contact details as Justices of the Peace cannot be emphasised or stressed enough.  Yesterday, our President had to email all Justices in the Auckland Association about a potentially fraudulent practice that could also mean a degree of personal risk to Justices. Unfortunately, he found that a number of Justices had changed their email address or phone numbers and had not advised the Registrar.  This causes a great deal of additional work for the Registrar.  PLEASE  ensure your details are up to date. 

If you have changed your residential address, email address or contact number:

1. You are asked to ensure you advise our Registrar.  Please use the form UPDATE YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS which will be forwarded directly to the Registrar after ‘submit’, for his action.  This updates the Auckland database.

2. You will also need to log into the Royal Federation website and change your email address/contact numbers with them as well.  There is no link between the Auckland JP Association database and the Royal Federation database (which is used for ‘Accreditation’ and ‘Find a JP’ services.)

So, please take the time to check that your information is correct on JP LOCATOR (the Auckland-based search which gives clients the ability to locate you by locality) by entering your name in the search box and checking your details.  This is the information that is held in the Association database.  (Note that your house number will not be displayed.)

Thank you for helping us stay in contact with you.

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