General News

Wot No Cheques!

KIWIBANK –    28 February 2020
ANZ –              31 May 2021
WESTPAC  –   25 June 2021
BNZ –              31 July 2021
ASB –              27 August 2021

The banks listed above have announced that they will no longer process cheques from the dates indicated. This change in banking may cause some Justices difficulty in how to pay their membership fees.  So, here are your options:

Option 1 – Pay by Internet Banking (preferred)

Option 2 – Travel to a KiwiBank outlet and deposit Cash (yes I know that folding stuff) directly into the AJPA bank account (see details below).

Option 3 – Set up an Annual automatic payment to the AJPA via your personal bank to take effect 20 October each year. Automatic payments can be set up as follows:

  • Online – maybe get someone younger who can program the TV remote to help you
  • By physically going into the local branch of your bank and asking the teller to assist you, or
  • via Telephone Banking, ASB, KIWIBANKWESTPACANZ,


–  the AJPA Bank Account Number is 38-9018-0314770-00 (KiwiBank) –

–  Please provide the following information in the reference fields as this will tell the Treasurer who has paid the Membership Fee:

   * 1st Field (“PARTICULARS”) – your INVOICE NUMBER (if you are going to set up an Automatic Payment leave this blank)

   * 2nd Field (“CODE”) – your SURNAME (and, if space permits, your INITIALS); 

   * 3rd Field (“REFERENCE”) – your JP NUMBER.