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Where is my Support Group (SG) and who do I contact?

JP Support Groups are set up to provide an opportunity to meet up with other JPs in your area, swap experiences, seek advice, receive training and general support for your role as a Justice. In particular, a Support Group is where you can get guidance regarding changes in requirements, and talk about best practice.  Given the need for JPs to ensure client details are kept confidential, a SG meeting is one of the few opportunities for a JP to discuss a situation that has arisen with a client, and determine best practice for approaching a similar situation in the future. 
There are 24 Support Groups spread across the city and they meet 3-6 times per year. (see HERE for a list of SGs and contacts.) 
To identify the support group nearest to you use this LINK and search for your name in the list.  
You may wish to choose a different SG from the one closest to home (eg one near where you work). If so, please contact the Registrar to let Bruce know.
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