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When is it time to retire?  This is a question that is very difficult to answer and none of us likes to think we are passed our used by date.  We all know that Justices of the Peace do not have to retire and that in accordance with our Act of Parliament Justices can go on until we die and there is no need to retire.  However, it has to be admitted that there will come a time when we can no longer effectively carry out our duties of being a Justice and it is time and we need to move over and make room for new Justices to be appointed.  This is also a time for your Association to recognise the contribution that you have made to your community. So I thought I would pose some questions to you all whether you are 29 our youngest Justice or our oldest member at just below 100 years old.
1. Am I still willing to have members of the general public in my home for Justices of the Peace work?
2. Am I willing to serve on a Service Desk?
3. Am I willing to continue to help my work colleagues at my place of work?
4. Am I willing to attend training at either a Support Group Meeting or HUB?
5. Am I willing to continue to maintain and keep up with the changing electronic environment for Justices of the Peace?
6. Am I willing to fulfil all aspects of being a Justice of the Peace?
7. Has my life changed so much that I can no longer provide the service to the community and fulfil the oath that I took?
If the answer is Yes to any of these questions then go no further but if the answer is No to all or some of these questions then maybe it is time for you to consider taking JP Retired and rest in the knowledge that you have served your community well and have left a legacy behind to which you and your family can be proud.  
The Association wishes to celebrate the length of time and the many hours you have undertaken as a Justice of the Peace and this cannot be achieved if sadly you die in office.  
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