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What do I need to know?  What do I need to bring? What is expected? All great questions.  Please note that:

  • Clients will be seen by the Justice in the order that they arrive at the Service Desk.
  • Clients who require certification of copies must present the original document with the copy.
  • Clients who require verification of their identity document(s) must be personally present before the Justice.
  • If the original of a copy is in an electronic form, the Justice must be able to view the original on a device provided by the client.
  • It is usual to limit the number of documents for certification to 10. However, the Justice will his/her use discretion when limiting the number of copies.
  • Forms should be filled in, but please do NOT pre-sign any document.
  • Please have all your documents and any copies sorted in order to present to the Justice.
  • Formal ID is requested when a signature is required to be verified.

Important Some services may not be within the jurisdiction of a Justice of the Peace.