Verifying Identity using a Passport or Driver Licence (AML)

Verifying Identity (AML) is NOT the same as certifying a copy! 

This process must be done face to face, with the client, the original Identity document (eg Passport or Driver Licence), and the photocopy, all in front of the Justice.

  1. Check that the identity document has been signed by the client
  2. Check that the identity document is current (not expired)
  3. Check that the image looks like the client. (Do not continue if the image is of poor quality or doesn’t look like the client)
  4. Ask the client if the receiving agency has provided specific wording for the JP to use. If your AML stamp does not match the client’s wording exactly you must handwrite the wording that the agency requires.
  5. If no specific wording is provided use your AML stamp which should look similar to this and include the words “true likeness”