Use of the Letters ‘JP’

Use of letters ‘JP’ When signing as a Justice of the Peace, the letters ‘JP’ (or words ‘Justice of the Peace’) should be written after your signature.

The use of the letters ‘JP’ after your name on private notepaper, in personal correspondence (such as email and social media) and in connection with social functions is acceptable provided they are not being used, or appearing to be used, for advancing trade, professional or business interests. The letters should never be used in such a way as to appear to enhance the status of the Justice of the Peace relative to other people or to imply superiority in any way.

The letters should be inserted after any New Zealand or Royal Honours, but preceding academic, professional and other qualifications, e.g. Jane Smith, MNZM, JP, B.Com.

It is improper for the letters to appear on cheques or driver licences, and the status of an officer of a local authority who is a Justice of the Peace should not be referred to on its official notepaper.

In relation to candidacy in parliamentary or local body elections, the mention of the fact that a person is a Justice is permitted in biographical material, but the letters ‘JP’ must not be placed after the candidate’s name on public notices and hoardings. Any Justice standing for such elections should ensure that his or her agents are aware of this restriction.