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If you have ever had any experience with running databases (lists of information) you will know that to run more than one database at the same time will always mean that one will be out of sync with the other.

The same can be said of who has control over the database.  Two many fingers in the pie mean that the data is entered in different formats and different abbreviations are entered.  So, who controls the Auckland JP Association Membership database?  Yes,  the Registrar and Treasurer of AJPA.  Now, who controls the Royal Federation Membership database?  Well, it’s 5000 plus members do.  When you change your address or phone number in ‘Find a JP’ different formats are used and information is missed out and those changes do not necessarily flow down to the AJPA Membership database.  So, the result is that we in Auckland have a membership database that is out to sync with the Royal Federation database.  We hope that sometime in the near future we may all be working from one database as the Royal Federation are investigating a National database but all change takes time.

So, how can we help in Auckland?  It would help a lot if all Justices reviewed the information in the Auckland database by looking at JP Locator on the website (  This information is taken directly from the AJPA Membership list.  If you find your address, your home line, your mobile phone number, your preferred name is incorrectly listed then tell us by using the form update your personal data.  We in turn can help the Royal Federation in its quest to provide a fully functional application.  Your help would be really appreciated.