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The Importance of Statistics counting work done on Service Desks

Each Justice is asked to record the number of documents processed during each Service Desk shift. 
Specifically the number of
  • clients
  • hours worked
  • JP duties: (a single duty is defined as 2 hours, so if a JP works on a SD for 3 hours, that is recorded as 2 duties) 
  • certified copies, 
  • statutory declarations (one statutory declaration with 2 exhibits is recorded as 1 statutory declaration)
  • affidavits (1 affidavit with 10 exhibits is recorded as 1 affidavit)
  • signatures witnessed
  • other (includes only photographs signed or thumbprints taken)
These statistics are used by your Association to monitor the workload in different areas of the city & adjust opening hours or the number of Justices rostered to each desk. Statistics are also used to support applications for funding grants, and are supplied to the Royal Federation. It is important that we make these statistics as accurate as possible so that they provide a good indication of the service that Justices of the Peace provide.
Please submit your statistics promptly at the end of each month.