• The use of rubber stamps by JPs can save considerable time when dealing with large numbers of clients or documents at a Service Desk and also prevent writers’ cramp.
    • There are many versions of stamps that are used by Justices in the course of their duty.  We recommend that JPs own a set of 5 basic stamps (AJPA 1-5 from this list) produced by Stamp City in Onehunga, to which you can add if/as required. 
    • Stamps are expensive and if they are still in mechanical working order you may like to consider ordering just a new rubber die.  This will reduce the cost considerably.
    • Is your stamp a little faint? – You have options;
      • one is to purchase a small bottle of stamp ink and re-ink the pad yourself, or
      • you can purchase new ink pads for stamps by giving the stamp name and number to the company, or
      • you can take the stamp to Stamp City in Onehunga, who will reink for JPs while you wait.
    • Several companies produce rubber stamps so be sure to do your homework before ordering.
    • The following companies have been used in the past:

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