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Special Functions – Issuing Officers, Nominated Persons & Section 9 Independent Witnesses

It has come to the attention of  AJPA Council that there may be JPs in our region who are being asked to perform Specialist Functions such as issuing search warrants, or acting as Nominated Persons or
S9 Independent Witnesses. Please note that you must not perform these functions unless and until you are approved and are suitably qualified.

Issuing Officers are appointed by the Attorney General on a three-year term so if you are not a Warranted Issuing officer and receive a phone call from the Police, please do not act but refer
police to the IO list they have in their Police system. In addition, please note that the Police and the District Health Boards have lists of the Nominated Persons and s9 Independent Witnesses who have
undertaken the relevant training and have been approved by the AJPA Council to perform these functions. Again, if you receive a phone call, please do not act but refer the caller to the list they
have in their system.
There is a new three-year cycle for Issuing Officers commencing in September 2024. The Council is canvassing the Police to determine the number and location of Issuing Officers required, so there
may be a call for “expressions of interest” once we receive that feedback. In addition, if you are interested in becoming a Nominated Person or s9 Independent Witness, please feel free to contact the

Approval to join the Special Functions team will, in part, depend on your location and the need of the relevant organisation.