Thank you to all Support Group Coordinators and Rosterers for putting so much effort into getting so many of our service desks up and running again.  This has made a huge difference to the Electronic Certification Team.  Demand for services has been high where desks have re-opened.

Your Council is hoping that the current arrangements can be maintained over the next few months and that in time other desks will be able to re-open too.  However, based on developments with the Omicron variant and associated government announcements, there is the possibility that things may change quickly in the coming weeks.  While there is currently no suggestion that we will have further lockdowns, it could be that the government recommends that some public activities be suspended while we get through the Omicron peak.  Should that happen, we may need to again suspend Service Desk operations for a period.  This is just a “heads up” from Council that should such a situation occur, our approach would likely be to suspend ALL desk operations for a period in line with any government directions.

It is by no means certain that this will be necessary, but we are simply letting you know the approach we are likely to take should Omicron become widespread and further control measures be implemented by the government.

Click HERE to see the Auckland Council Omicron notification.

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