Service Desks: New Data

The increasing value of Service Desks is reflected in new figures just released.

Some 16 months ago, member of the Auckland Association’s Council Wallis Walker took over, as a project, the gathering, collection and processing of monthly returns from Service Desks. Wallis encouraged those who had not previously submitted data and the figures now give a better summary of overall activities across all of Auckland’s more than 60 Service Desks.

“In 16 months to the end of 2018,” Wallis says, “our dedicated JPs have completed 712,434 community Justice transactions for 189,603 clients, putting in a total of 26,400 hours at Service Desks.

Behind these figures is the considerable organisation, rostering, training, as well as the attendances, which require many hours’ input by all the Justices who contribute.

It may be of interest that the busiest Service Desk, by far, is the one in Auckland District Court which over 16 months handled 97,500 transactions. Two Justices of the Peace share the work there, 10am – 2pm Monday to Friday. Other busy Service Desks are Onehunga CAB, Eden-Albert CAB at St Lukes and Central CAB in Auckland Library.  All exceeded 50,000 transactions in 16 months.

At the other end of the scale are Service Desks which open each week for an hour or two and see fewer people.

But it doesn’t matter whether it’s a busy urban locations or a rural venue: members of the public seeking a Justice of the Peace are increasingly thankful for the service provided by volunteer Justices at their local Service Desks… and at no cost.


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