The AJPA Service Desk Committee met last Friday and decided to investigate the possibility of opening service desks in malls during Traffic Light RED. The committee acknowledged a need to cater for the needs of clients over the holiday period and at the same time reduce the workload of the small EC team of Justices.

Obviously, this would be dependent on malls being willing to host a service desk again and sufficient Justices being available to join a roster. There will be strict guidelines issued which will be mandatory if we are to proceed.

  • Service Desks will operate with a minimum of two Justices on at any given time, one Justice working the desk and the other will screen clients.  If we have sufficient space at the desk for 2 justices then that is good, but in this case will require a minimum of three Justices.
  • Only double vaccinated and Accredited Justices are to be used on the Service Desks
  • Perspex screens, masks, hand sanitizer are to be used and available for both clients and Justices.
  • Only double vaccinated clients will be seen at the Service Desk.
  • Unvaccinated clients will be provided information on the alternative methods of completing their documentation via letterbox drop or online electronic certification.
  • 1m distancing is to be maintained at all times
  • QR Codes are to be available for clients to sign in or small cards for clients to write their details on.  Cards will be retained for 2 months
  • Justices who are screening clients are to have the vaccination reader app downloaded and ready for use.
  • Signage will be provided by Council

The malls under consideration are:

  • Ormiston – Del Johnston
  • Milford – Dawn Jones
  • Silverdale – Maren Bock-Mueller
  • West City – Kamlesh Naidu
  • North West – Kamlesh Naidu
  • Lynmall – Jim Niven
  • Glenfield – Lesley Williams

If you are willing to join a roster, please email your Support Group Coordinator or Rosterer. 

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