Our approach has always been “safety first” for our Justices and their clients.  When the status of the Traffic Light Framework (TLF) and associated Vaccine Pass (VP) rollout was unknown, we indicated that a re-start of Service Desks was unlikely before February.  It is now clear that with the rollout of VPs,  operation under Red in the TLF is workable, provided we have all the right measures in place, and we and our clients all have a VP.  Demand for JP services continues, so we have begun a rolling re-start of SD activity ahead of February – with no pressure on any desk to work to a particular time frame.

Some desks in Malls have opened –  with the first (Ormiston) commencing work on 14 December and seeing no fewer than 96 clients!  This is tremendous and we should start to see pressure reduce on those JPs doing electronic certification, some of whom have been severely overloaded.

Thank you to SD Rosterers who have submitted their readiness questionnaires.  We are working through these and any issues will be sorted out by your Council Liaison Rep or SGC.  The plan is to open when all the requirements can be met and you are ready to safely do so, with sufficient resources.  This depends partly on the host venue, and responses so far indicate that we will have a few desks open pre-Xmas, then a few more after the break.  Others will follow (likely to be libraries), with some not able to open until well into February.  Some may not be able to re-open at all until we reach Green.  The precise timing is not critical – as more desks become active again and available hours are advertised, those that are open will possibly get more traffic as we settle back into more normal operation.  Thank you all for your flexibility and responsiveness – it really makes a difference as we are all doing the best we can to get our service desks up and running again.       

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