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The Association administers training in the ministerial duties of Justices of the Peace through the following:

  1. Induction Training
  2. Hub Refresher Training
  3. Accreditation
  4. Regional Conference
  5. Support Group Meetings

1 Induction training

Training is provided to nominee Justices of the Peaces who have attended a court interview and have been provisionally approved to attend initial training in ministerial duties. Induction training consists of a one-day training session which is preceded by online preparatory tasks and concludes with an online assessment overseen by Royal Federation. During the course of Induction training Nominees are tested regularly throughout the day to determine their preparedness to attempt the On Line Assessment.   Nominees who pass the online assessment are recommended by the Minister for appointment as a Justice of the Peace by the Governor-General.

2 Refresher courses

A series of Refresher courses including Statutory Declarations, Private Citizenship Ceremonies and a General Quiz was held in February – May this year.

During the period June to September 2018 the Association will be conducting a further series of   Refreshers at 9 Hubs throughout the region. Details will be advised in Newsletters. They are also available from Support Group Coordinators or by contacting the Training Coordinator  trainer@jpauckland.org.nz

Hub Refresher 2 – 2018

Will cover – Affidavits (including Dissolution of Marriage or Civil Union), / Certifying copies that have been downloaded from mobiles, websites, emails / Managing copies required by banks or financial institutions under the Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Act.
The focus will be on participation and group discussion

Details of the Hub locations, venues and times are as follows:

HUB Sessions




24 June 2018
10 am to 12 noon Waiheke High School
11 Donald Bruce Road
Waiheke Island
14 July 
10 am – 12 noon Faithful Funeral Services
35 Red Beach Road
Hibiscus Coast
22 July 
10 am  – 12 noon Birkdale Intermediate School
200 Birkdale Road
North Shore
Saturday              4 August

2 pm  – 4 pm Mt Roskill Primary School
37 Frost Road
Mt Roskill
4 August
  4 pm – 6 pm Friendship House
20 Putney Way
Manukau City Centre
11 August
9 am – 11 am Kohimarama Primary School
112 Kohimarama Road
25 August
2 pm to 4 pm Peace Experiment School
18 Pilkington Road
1 September
10 am – 12 noon St Johns / Lions Hall
243 Edmonton Road
Te Atatu
8 September
1 pm – 3 pm Ponsonby Primary School
44 Curran Street
Herne Bay

 You may attend at any venue.

The above Sessions qualify for Accreditation.

For more information contact the Registrar or the Training Coordinator



 3. Accreditation

We suggest that all members achieve Accreditation. It is particularly important for those members who work on Service Desks.
If you would like assistance to achieve Accreditation please contact your Support Group or the Training Team.

Access to the online Accreditation test is from the Royal Federation website.(www.jpfed.org.nz) Before attempting the Accreditation test it is essential that members are aware of their login and password that will give them access to this website. If you do not have them please request from: administrator@jpfed.org.nz.  We strongly  recommend that members review their Justice of the Peace Ministerial Manual before attempting the test.

4 Support Group Meetings

Training is undertaken by all Support Groups on the basis of their members’ needs. All Support Groups are encouraged to designate their own training spokespersons who liaise with the Association’s Training Coordinator, Garry Nicholls. In this way training by Support Groups can maintain consistency. Training provided earlier in the year at district seminars or refresher courses can be re-presented at Support Group meetings.


Contact for Ministerial Training

Garry Nicholls, Ministerial Training Coordinator –  trainer@jpauckland.org.nz

Association Office info@jpauckland.org.nz, Phone 916 9276