General News


There has been a huge increase in the number and complexity of scams we (and our clients) face. New Zealanders lost $200 million dollars to scams in the past year alone. The people behind scams are often terror organisations, and they are very skilled.
Scams can come to us by way of phone calls or messages by email, txt or Whatsapp.  They are increasingly sophisticated and becoming harder to identify. Please be diligent and check when you receive a message, as all may not be as it seems at face value. 

As Justices we are constantly contacted by clients we don’t know, but we should not be sending to clients, personal information that is not on the AJPA website .

Remember your email address is NOT available to the public via AJPA website.  

If you have doubts about a message, the best advice is to be suspicious. 

Don’t reply or click on links. Delete the message.