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Common problems we are experiencing:
1. All members are required to reset their passwords via “Forgot your password?” on the login page. Unfortunately, a number of reset emails are landing to spam and members are not checking first. There is also a number who have multiple emails – the email entered needs to be the one held by Royal Federation.

2. Members are not aware of their username – the same username format has been carried over to the new website – surname and number with no gaps and lowercase: John Smith JP # 12345 = smith12345
Note that this will not work until the password reset has been activated

3. The website has been built to utilise the most up to date web browsers. Some members are using very old (and potentially unsafe) web browsers, and there are potentially parts of the website which will not display as intended. An update to the browser may be needed.

4. Several members have called us claiming that the website “doesn’t work”. We are finding that they have either bookmarked an old page address which doesn’t exist anymore or they are typing the correct name and then allowing their computer to auto-complete with an out-of-date page.

The correct address to use is:

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