Royal Federation


The Royal Federation national offices of the Wellington District Court.

The three staff employed there are as follows:

  • National Manager who oversees all of the day-to-day Royal Federation nationwide functions, working with all twenty-eight associations, as well as liaising with Ministry of Justice personnel, the Chief District Court Judge’s (CDCJ) Office and other relevant stakeholders eg Police.
  • Professional Development Advisor (PDA) who oversees ministerial and judicial training as well as liaising with the Justice Quarterly Editor and writing articles for this publication and responding to any training/accreditation queries from associations/members.
  • Administration Officer who attends to website functions, responds to relevant queries from associations/members, liaises with Ministry of Justice personnel regarding the nomination process for prospective Justices and other administrative functions.

All have “and anything else that is required” within their respective roles!
Researched and compiled by Sherryl Wilson

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