Council Meeting Notes


Until recently, retirement and resignation requests have been accepted by the Royal Federation office. Requests have been batched into a simple list for processing at the Ministry of Justice (sign off and Gazetting). 

With immediate effect, ALL requests for retirement status or resignation will only be considered in line with the legislated requirement, which is that the request is in writing, appropriately addressed to the Secretary for Justice. The Ministry of Justice requires all requests to be signed by the Justice. For clarity, the request cannot be signed on behalf of the Justice by another person. If the Justice cannot sign the letter for any reason (e.g. dementia), the request will not be considered, and the person will remain in their position as a Justice.

IMPORTANT – It needs to be emphasised that a request signed by an attorney, whether supported by a Power of Attorney or not, does not meet the threshold required and therefore will not be processed.

So when considering if you are ready for retirement/resignation or not your response to the following questions should be taken into account;

  • Do you have ongoing health issues?
  • Have your living arrangements changed in that it is now difficult to see clients?
  • Can you administer all aspects of being a Justice of the Peace e.g. affidavits, electronic certifications?
  • Do you own and operate a computer, so that you can remain accredited and receive email updates?
  • Can you attend HUB Training and your local Support Group Meeting?

If you wish to retire or resign as a Justice, a templated letter can be downloaded by clicking HERE 

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