Having served your community as a Justice of the Peace for a long or short time, perhaps you now feel that it is time to stop. Maybe you have a health issue, or you feel you need to focus more on other areas of life (work, or family) or perhaps you feel that you have done your turn and it’s time for younger JP’s to step up. If you have completed 10 years of service as a JP you are eligible to be ‘JP Retired’   To stop being a Justice of the Peace, you need to choose one of the following options. Please read the options very carefully.  If you have any questions please contact the Registrar for advice.

Option 1 – Apply to the Ministry of Justice for “JP Retired” status. If you have been a JP in good standing for a period exceeding 10 years, you can apply for JP Retired status.

Option 2 – Apply to the Ministry of Justice to Resign as a Justice of the Peace. If you have served for less than 10 years, you can resign, but you are not eligible for “JP retired” 

 Note: As JP Retired, you may choose to remain a member of the Auckland JP Association at a reduced annual subscription. Benefits include:

  • Keeping in touch with the activities or the local Association and Royal Federation, if that is of interest to you;
  • Participating in the formal and social activities of the Auckland Association such as the annual Conference/AGM and periodic lunches or dinners;

All Justices of the  Peace are appointed by the Ministry of Justice and their name is published in the New Zealand Gazette, (prior to being sworn in the District Court). Similarly, the Resignation or Retirement of Justices is also published in the New Zealand Gazette and you will remain a Justice until your retirement or resignation is published. 

To make an application for Retirement or to Resign as a Justice of the Peace please complete this form.