Having given valuable service to your community as a Justice of the Peace for a long or short time, you may want to consider being less active.  It could be a change in focus (work or family), or health, or a wish to be less at the call of clients.  So considering becoming ‘JP Retired’ could be on your horizon.  To stop being a Justice of the Peace, you need to formally resign or retire (see below).

However, before accepting your resignation/retirement as a Justice of the Peace we would like to draw your attention to the options available to you. 

All Justices of the Peace are appointed by the Ministry of Justice and their name published via the New Zealand Gazette.  The same process is followed when you resign as a Justice of the Peace. There are some options to consider:

Option 1 –  take ‘JP Retired’ status which is recognition of over 10 years of active service as a JP.  As JP Retired, you can remain a member of the AJPA at a reduced annual subscription ($18). Although remaining a member is not mandatory, the benefits include:

  • Keeping in touch with the activities or the local Association and Royal Federation, if that is of interest to you;
  • Participating in the formal and social activities of the Auckland Association such as the annual Conference/AGM and periodic lunches or dinners;

Generally, being a JP Retired member of the Association is like being an ‘associate’ member with reduced privileges and responsibilities.

Option 2 – take ‘JP Retired’ status and resign from the Auckland JP Association; 

Option 3 – Resign as a JP; or

Option 4 – Resign from the Auckland JP Association

It does not matter which option you select – an application will still need to be made to the Ministry of Justice on your behalf and your name will still be published in the New Zealand Gazette.

To apply for Resignation please complete this form.