Renewing your Driving Licence

Most senior drivers are experienced, safe drivers who are great role models for younger drivers, but as we get older, health changes can impact our ability to drive.

When you turn 65, the process for renewing your drivers’ licence changes. The 10-year renewal period shortens as you’ll be asked to renew your licence with a medical certificate when you turn 75. For example, if you renewed your licence at 67, it will only be valid for 8 years as you will need to renew it again when you turn 75.

You will receive a driver licence reminder in the mail before your 75th birthday. You’ll be asked to complete a driver licence application form and book an appointment with your local health centre to get a medical check-up to make sure you’re still safe behind the wheel.

Your doctor or nurse will advise whether you’re medically fit to drive. If you are ok to drive or drive with some conditions, you then take your application with the medical certificate to your local driver licencing agent to apply for your new licence.

It can be upsetting if you find out you’re not fit to drive. Keeping mobile is important for everyone. The good news is there are several options available to help you get around including public transport, which is free during off-peak times with your SuperGold card.

You can find about more about the driver licence process for seniors at the NZTA website

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