Registrar Vacancy

The Council of the Auckland Justices of the Peace Association is seeking to appoint the Registrar for the Association. This is a contracted position based in the Auckland District Court for 12 hours per week.  The  appointee will be a sworn Justice of the Peace and will report to the President and Chair of the Registry and Finance Committee.
Main duties include:

  • Primarily a secretarial role, and also the Administrative Officer of the Association. The  role is carried out in an impartial professional manner and in accordance with the Rules of the Association, the policies of the Royal Federation of New Zealand Justices’ Associations Inc. and any Statutory Regulations that may apply.
  • Advising the Council of any Constitutional or regulatory requirement that may impact on their decision making.
  • A good working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, G-Suite Administration and an ability to learn other programmes e.g. databases.

Familiarity with a laptop computer and printer that has network capability is essential. Most communication will be by email or telephone.

Secretarial Duties:

  1. Conducting the affairs of the Association as directed by the Council.
  2. Receiving correspondence and phone calls, directing matters to applicable members of Council and responding as appropriate.
  3. Retaining all electronic files, books, records and other Association material effectively
  4. Assisting Council members, Judicial and Ministerial trainers, the Treasurer and the Membership with Association matters as required.
  5. Liaising with Ministry of Justice staff as appropriate.
  6. Managing Association assets 
  7. Alerting the President to any matter that is likely to have a material impact on the Association


  1. Arranging venues for Council and General Meetings and furnishing notices of   meeting, agendas, draft minutes, reports etc. as required by the Association’s Rules
  2. Attending and keeping accurate records of all business transacted at Council and General Meetings through Minutes.
  3. Attending Auckland Regional Conferences, and the annual conference of the Royal Federation of Justices Association if required by Council.


  1. Maintaining and updating the register of members of the Association
  2. Providing membership details to and liaising with the Royal Federation of New Zealand Justices Association as required.

Public Relations:

  1. Assisting in ensuring positive relationships with the Royal Federation of Justices Association, other Justices of the Peace Associations, Members of Parliament, local authorities, judiciary, government departments and other public organisations.
  2. Encouraging and assisting in gaining positive media publicity

AJPA Website/Facebook

  1. Managing the AJPA Website and Facebook Page through accepting members, moderating information, and publishing appropriate updates.

The successful applicant is likely to be someone with a good understanding of the role of a Justice of the Peace, strong interpersonal and communication skills, flexibility of working hours, competent in the use of IT, and will be well organised and self-motivated. Because of the location of the office and limited parking, it would also suit someone with easy transport access to the CBD.

A Position description will be available on request.

Please do not reply directly to this email. A one-page application or resume with two references and referee contact details should be emailed to the Chairman of the Registry and Finance Committee, Hazel Bedogni, by 5pm, 12 November 2020.

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