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Does your stamp need replacing?  Nine times out of ten there is nothing wrong with the mechanics of your stamps.  Yes, you may need to change what the stamp actually says or it may be getting a little faint which means it either needs re-inking or you may need to purchase a new replacement stamp pad.  Both of which can be done at approx 50% the cost of a new stamp.   Have a look at JP Corner of the AJPA Website ( under ‘Resources’  and then ‘Stamps’.

If you are about to retire or have any old stamps which are mechanically sound then please consider donating them back to the association, so that they may be recycled to new Justices when they get appointed.  As we all know when you first start, the purchasing of stamps can be a costly business.  So spare a thought for these new Justices and return your stamps to the Registrar for recycling either through your Support Group Coordinator or Council Liaison Representative.


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