Recording client details

Please remember that as a Justice, you are required to record the names of ALL clients you see, the date that you saw them and the type of document that you administered for them. Both our clients and the receiving agency must be able to contact the JP  who administered the document (ie read the printed name or stamp), and Justices in turn need to have a record so we can confirm the information if required. 

You may use your own system to record the information, or utilise the helpful, free, JP logbook provided by the Auckland JP Association. If you need a new logbook, please either contact your Support Group Co-Ordinator or email our Registrar, Bruce Kilmister (

When you work on a Service Desk you must record the names of all clients in your personal logbook. The TOTAL number of certified copies, statutory declarations, affidavits and signatures witnessed, that you administered during each shift, should also be recorded either electronically or in a return submitted at the end of each month that make up the total AJPA stats..

Personal logbooks/notebooks should be retained for 2 years and then securely destroyed
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