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Process for Retirement or Resignation

All requests for retirement or resignation must be made in writing and be appropriately addressed to the Secretary of Justice (but should be sent to the AJPA Registrar). In the JP Corner on our website there is a link to a template for this purpose. The request should be signed by the retiring JP. Once the retirement/resignation letter has been completed and signed, please send it to the AJPA Registrar who will forward it.

If the retiring JP is not able to sign the letter (due to reasons like serious illness or dementia), the request can be completed by the holder of an Enduring Power of Attorney (Health and Wellbeing) for the Justice. In this case, the request must be accompanied by:

a. Confirmation in writing from the Attorney that the EPoA has been invoked
b. A certified copy of the Enduring Power of Attorney document

c. A signed certificate of non-revocation from the Attorney 

After the notification of retirement/resignation is published in the New Zealand Gazette, the JP must cease performing JP duties.

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