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Please do NOT Endorse Sovereign Citizen /Dual Persona documents

There seems to be an increased number of  Sovereign Citizens and dual Persona documents appearing in our courts. 
The AJPA council is asking for all Justices to be vigilant with regard to situations where an individual is wanting a document processed for the purpose of ‘expatriation’, or the transfer of induvial names to a trust where the purpose is to support a belief that NZ Courts or Parliament will then have no legal jurisdiction over these ‘entities’. These documents are created by those attempting to escape the rules and the laws of NZ.
Unfortunately they are appearing in Court, signed and stamped by a NZ Justice of the Peace (all of whom have sworn to uphold the laws of NZ). This should not happen.
We would request any documents that are presented to a JP, which appear to support the separation of individuals from their legal name, or avoid the jurisdiction of NZ law, should NOT be processed.  
Please refuse to endorse, process, sign, stamp or witness such documents.
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