General News


Justices should by now have received an invoice for their annual subscriptions to the Auckland Justices of the Peace Association.  It would be very much appreciated by Council if you can pay these fees as soon as possible.  Please don’t leave them until the last minute.   If you have not received an invoice then please contact the Treasurer by clicking this LINK

The delay in the payment of these subscriptions makes considerable additional work for the Treasurer in that he is forced to issue monthly invoices to collect these funds. His time can be better spent.

Justices are reminded that in accordance with the rules (Rule 7(b)) of the AJPA, all subscriptions should be paid by the 31st December otherwise this rule will be invoked.  

7(b) If any member does not pay the subscription by 31 December, the Registrar will give written notice that all rights of membership (including participation in any Association activity) shall be withheld until full payment has been made.

Noting that 2022 is our Centenary Year, please ensure subscriptions are paid by the due date:  31 December 2021.