General News


All Justices should have by now have received an invoice for their annual subscriptions to the Auckland Justices of the Peace Association.  52 per cent (600) Justices have now paid their annual subscription which is very much appreciated by Council.   
There have been a number of incidences reported where the invoice has not been received due to them either being blocked by business email accounts or finding their way into Spam or Junk mail folders.  If you have not received your invoice for your subscriptions can you firstly please check your spam/junk mail folder and if you still have no record of it can you please email the Treasurer by clicking this LINK.

If on the other hand you have received the invoice and have put it aside for action later can you please pull it back out and action as soon as possible. The delay in the payment of these subscriptions makes considerable additional work for the Treasurer and his time can be better spent.

Noting that 2022 is our Centenary Year, please ensure subscriptions are paid by the due date:  31 December 2021.

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