General News


It appears at about this time every year the Council spends an inordinate amount of time chasing up subscriptions.

The amount we pay in subscriptions is set at the Annual General Meeting and subscriptions are due 6 weeks from that date.  So for our current year, all subscriptions were due on the 20th October 2020.  We are now at the end of February 2021 and we still have well over 300 members who remain outstanding.

For those of you who have paid your subscriptions on time, I thank you.  For those of you who are still to pay can you please attend to this matter as soon as possible?

If you have not received an invoice from the Treasurer, check your spam folder or it may be that we have an incorrect email address for you so please contact Geoff our Treasurer at to check your email address.

Your association has already made capitation payments based on our membership to the Royal Federation so we need you now to do your bit.   Regards Frank Rands, President AJPA.