Centenary 2022

Our History – Telling It As It Is… Country Living is Better!

Veteran Auckland Justice of the Peace, A. Rosser, was addressing a meeting of  Franklin Justices of the Peace. “You country Justices have a better chance of carrying out the proper function of a Justice of the Peace than the City Justices,” he said, “we Auckland Justices could save the country £I,000 a year if we were allowed to carry out our proper functions in court, but most Magistrates appear to dislike us. They fear that we will beat them for their jobs. In the City we have plenty of clerical work to do but no judicial work to do which we enjoy. In the country areas the Justices have a good deal of court work, whereas in the City, the only days on which we get this kind of work to do is when Magistrates take holidays or have a day off at the races.” (Laughter).

Researched and compiled by Ric Carlyon