Centenary 2022

Our History – Justice of the Peace – Mediator

Justice of the Peace, K. Jones, successfully acted as mediator at Karamea Airport in 1978 in the face of an ugly crowd which was determined to make a point. Medical Officer of Health at Nelson, Dr J. Roxburgh, had flown in to see how the town’s health facilities might be improved. After his meetings he headed to the airport to leave without giving townsfolk indication of any enhancements he planned. 100 angry residents went to the airport and surrounded the light plane, trapping it. K. Jones, JP, fronted the angry crowd, persuading the residents to move, assuring them that Dr Roxburgh would do something to help them, and their medical services. Cars and obstructing oil-drums were then rolled aside and the doctor’s plane was allowed to depart.

Researched and compiled by Ric Carlyon

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