Council Meeting Notes

Notes from September Council Meeting

The Council of the Auckland Justices of the Peace Association met for its regular meeting on September 13th 2023.

  • 140 members have registered to attend the Regional conference and AJPA AGM on Sunday September 17, starting from 9 am.  A guest speaker, and the VP of the Royal Federation are confirmed in the programme.
  • Stocks of JP Manuals, log books (free) and JP satchels (for sale) have been replenished. These can be requested from the Registrar and will be available at the Regional Conference.
  • Thanks were noted for all the Service Desks who submitted their statistics on time (all but 5!). Almost 50,000 transactions were administered through our service desk network in August.
  • The Code of Conduct requires all Justices to “maintain a working knowledge of the duties, responsibilities and obligations of a Justice of the Peace by regularly participating in ongoing education provided by their Associations or Royal Federation.”   Accordingly, the Council agreed that the names of AJPA members who refuse to sit the accreditation test will now be deleted from JP Locator on the AJPA website. 
  • Service Desks continue to be in great demand, with most working well, and using electronic rosters and electronic collection of statistics as tools to smooth that pathway.
  • Our website continues to receive masses of hits, many from overseas. Some 10,000 in a seven-day period in early September.  Most hits were from people wanting to locate a JP, but quite a few were searching for service desks.  The need to keep the site refreshed and current is clear.
  • Work is being undertaken to review the current processes for finding, appointing, and training Special Functions Justices, to ensure our system remains fit for purpose.
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