Notes from May Council Meeting

The Council of the Auckland Justices of the Peace Association Inc held its regular monthly meeting on 8 May 2019.

  • Numbers are coming in for the annual lunch on June 9 – get a taste of what being a woman in NZ’s Navy and commanding a warship is like! Check the website and Facebook for details.
  • The AJPA Facebook page now has more than 150 members – a great place for asking questions and sharing ideas. Several other Associations have asked our Registrar, for help in setting up their own pages, as ours is considered a model and very successful!
  • Yellow Page listings are always a challenge for JPs, as generally they will only agree to changes from the individual concerned (sometimes deceased). This means that ‘Find a JP’ is the most up to date listing, and JPs are encouraged to focus on that list rather than Yellow Pages.  The Association and Royal Federation actively promote ‘Find a JP’. Remember to keep your details updated especially if you are away.  It is recommended to note your street address but not necessarily your street number.
  • The grant from the Lotteries Board is being well-used by your Association:
    • Name badges for many of those working on Service Desks (>400)
    • Stamp vouchers for many who are high users of stamps (>300)
    • Extra new pull-up banners for Service Desks to clarify to clients how to get maximum value from their volunteer JP
    • Coming soon: SD business cards for promoting ‘Find a JP’ and containing a QR code for quick access there.  Also useful for jotting down SD times if a client needs to return
    • Coming soon: Individual printed log books for those who wish to use them to maintain their statistics for easy reporting.  New JPs will be issued with them to get them started
  • Work is continuing on getting the best from SD kits, including Surface Pro computers. If they are not being used, they should be returned for repurposing – contact the Registrar.
  • An updated strategy on how best to meld our wide JP age group with multiple client age groups, especially in relation to using technology, is being developed
  • Hub Trainings have been well attended and well received: a record 83 at one!  The remaining trainings in May (11, 18 and 25) bring this year’s HUB Meetings to an end.  Check the website and FB pages for details. Remember to record your training to go alongside your accreditation date.  However Support Groups can request a Ministerial Trainer to deliver a specific training project at a SG Meeting which will also qualify for Accreditation



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