April 2021 Council Meeting

The Council of the Auckland Justices of the Peace Association held its monthly meeting on April 14, 2021. Despite a long agenda, much was accomplished.

  • The meeting for Support Group Co-ordinators will be held on Saturday 17 April, with a good response so far to the new date
  • A plan is being implemented for Council members to visit all local MPs to build relationships and support their nomination process for Justices.  One MP has already asked an experienced Justice to sit in on their interviews.
  • There is a backlog of newly-trained Justices waiting to be sworn in (partly due to Covid disruptions), which is being worked on.
  • Council confirmed that the use of the Association’s logo requires Council approval.
  • Membership fees that remain unpaid approaching mid-year are being followed up.  This process shows that a significant number of Justices are not responding to phone calls, messages, or emails – meaning they are not making themselves available to the public as they have undertaken to do.
  • The Hub sessions held so far have been well attended and well-received thanks to the Professional Development team.  Attendance is also one of two parts required to gain or maintain accreditation
  • AJPA policies are now more readily available on the website.  Updated policies will be added to the list as they are agreed
  • The Sunday morning Mailchimp email is being opened by more than 70% of our members – a great link to new website items and news
  • In 2022 our Association will turn 100 – one of the oldest in the country.  Plans are being developed to celebrate the year in a special series of events.  More soon . . . . .
  • Our Regional Conference and AGM will be held on Sunday 19 September this year – please mark the date in your diaries.
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