The Council of the Auckland Justices of the Peace Association met at the Auckland District Court on August 11, 2021. 

  • Arrangements are being finalised for the Regional Conference/Auckland AGM being held on September 19 at Parnell Hotel and Conference Centre in Gladstone Rd, Parnell, from 9 am.  Please register BEFORE 10 September to book seating and lunch – the registration form can be found by clicking HERE.   
  • Nominations for Council positions are due to the Registrar by August 22, and an election for positions is likely at the AGM.
  • 11 new Justices were sworn in during July, and up to 25 are scheduled for swearing-in during August.  This will help reduce the backlog from last year and assist with staffing service desks.
  • The Auckland Central Library service desk will reopen shortly, hosted by the CAB within the Library.
  • AJPA Annual accounts have been audited and will be available online before the AGM, ready for acceptance at the AGM.
  • A deficit budget was approved, with a concurrent grant application to the NZ Lottery Board to fund special projects, including some of the centenary occasions planned for next year.
  • A zoom accreditation course was held in early August, with nearly half of those participating having now sat and passed accreditation.  Our overall accreditation level remains frustratingly just under 50%
  • Council approved a more structured process for Ministerial Trainers, both for the initial appointment and annual reviews.
  • Most Auckland-area MPs have now been visited by Council members, establishing communication links, and offering support to MPs in their process of nominating candidates appropriate to the needs of their electorate.  Several ‘thank you’ occasions have been held by MPs over the past month.
  • ‘Accredited Justice of the Peace’ desk signs have been produced and distributed to SG Coordinators for display on service desks when Accredited Justices are on duty.
  • A group of candidates has been selected to train for Judicial duties and will begin their challenging course later this year.
  • A training for Issuing Officers was held, with IOs from Franklin joining the Auckland group.  The day was seen as a very useful refresher.
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