Council Meeting Notes

Notes from April Council Meeting

The Council of the Auckland Justices of the Peace Association met for its regular meeting on April 12 2023.

  • Details of the Coordinators and Rosters’ Seminar on April 15 were discussed and finalised.  All Council members are involved in the planning, and more than sixty participants are expected.
  • The recent Royal Federation Conference held in Invercargill was attended by both Council members and interested Association members, with Auckland making up about 20% of attendees.  A governance meeting and conference, the event was well run with interesting tastes of Southland sights as well as good speakers.  It was also agreed to be a very effective team-building exercise for our Association.
  • A special sitting of the District Court has been held to mark the retirement of a number of senior Judicial JPs, with the Chief District Court Judge presiding.  It was a special and fitting tribute to those who have given service in the Court.
  • Council was reminded that any request from the media on the issue of funding of Auckland CABs should be referred to the President for comment.
  • Hub professional development dates and locations are now available on the website, with the first being in Te Atatu South on Saturday 29 April.  Remember:  the content is the same at each presentation so members can choose the date and place that best suits them.
  • Significant work is being done to realign the three Special Function groups (Section 9, nominated persons, and issuing officers) and to spread the loads more effectively for users of those services.
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