Council Meeting Notes

Notes from AJPA Council Meeting July 2024

The Council of the Auckland Justices of the Peace Association met on July 10, 2024.

  • Work is progressing on contacting all members who are not accredited.  Some still believe their knowledge at appointment time is adequate to work in 2024, which is disappointing.  The percentage of our Members accredited hovers around 80%.
  • The new questions for the Accreditation on-line test are now up and running. Some settling down will occur as ambiguous questions are sorted out.
  • The Hub ‘season’ of Professional Development presentations has been completed:  morer than 400 Justices attended over 9 occasions, carrying out part of their obligation to keep their professional knowledge up to date.  Thanks to those who came, and to Trainers.
  • The ‘gap’ in gazetting of new provisional JPs has passed, and after cancelling several trainings, the next scheduled Induction and Refresher will be full, which is good news.
  • The next Swearing In ceremony is on August 12, and will also be full.
  • Council members are having productive meetings with MPs, and providing information to them about the necessary qualities for those wishing to be nominated as JPs..
  • A new Service Desk will open in Westfield Newmarket this month – a location with huge foot traffic, and therefore a likely place for client contact.
  • Almost 15,000 clients were assisted at Service Desks in June – very clearly demonstrating the importance of Service Desk hours.  Nearly 570,000 transactions have been recorded in the past 12 months.
  • A good deal of work has been done to improve and update our website.  Members are reminded how much information is available there especially when you explore it or search for an item.
  • The role of Special Functions JPs (Issuing Officers, Nominated Persons, and Section 9 witnesses) are being thoroughly overhauled, with new appointments in key areas, and updated training being provided.
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