A new AJPA website has been launched and it has a very different look and feel to the previous site.  The following general points will provide you with an idea of what has changed but better still dive on in and have a browse yourself
  • When designing the new website we took into account that we have two audiences ie the General Public and our own JPs
  • The main menu has been designed to cater for the General Public and information that they are interested in will be found on this menu.
  • Information for our own JPs can be found in the JP Corner located on the right of the screen.
  • The posts can now be located under the ‘Latest News’ tab
  • Administration, Training and Resources will provide our own JPs access to all the information they had before and more.
  • Under the Administration tab, there is a new form that will enable JPs to advise the Registrar of changes to their personal details etc.
  • A calendar has been added and can be found to the right of the screen.  Dates of the latest items of news are highlighted.
  • A rolling latest post notification has been added to the top of the screen together with the current date.
  • A social media selection to Facebook has been added to the top right of the screen and will take members of the AJPA Facebook Group directly to the group if you are a member of the group. If you are not a member of the Facebook Group it will take you to where you are invited to become a member.
  • Greater use has been made of the tables function or WordPress which provide a cleaner look and feel.
  • The site is a lot faster, cleaner and easier to move around.
  • At the bottom right of the screen, you will find an up arrow that enables you to scroll to the top of the page with ease.
  • All double links which become really painful to manage have been removed.
  • The location pins in the Service Desk map have been made a lot smaller to remove some of the clutter.
  • Duplication of days and times when Service Desks are available to the public has been removed and are now only found in one location.
  • information in some case now refers directly to the source. An example of this is the latest immigration forms.
  • A ‘search’ box has been added which will allow you to search the entire website by entering a single string.
  • An archive for posts has also been added
  • A category can now be assigned to each post which will enable posts of similar content to be extracted with ease.
The website is our avenue to our members and information will be timely and up to date.  If you think that something is missing for either the general public or our members then again let us know and we will include it. 
The website is available at 
Further developments are planned and we hope you like the new website. Please do let us know what you think by sending an email to .   Regards. Frank Rands