The wearing of Name Badges by Justices working on a Service Desk or attending Justice functions is encouraged.  They can be badges with only your name; or badges with the JP logo included.

Here are 5 important reasons as to why we should wear a Name Badge when serving the public or attending Justice of the Peace functions and conferences.

  1. They assist in building the ‘Justice’ brand and identity.
  2. They assist in providing better interaction between the Justice and the client.
  3. Name Badges can be a conversation starter for clients.
  4. They assist in identifying Justices from other staff who may be working at the same location i.e. Libraries, Citizen Advice Bureaus.
  5. Wearing name badges provides increased security.

There is no one standard when it comes to determining what a Justices of the Peace name badge should look like.  Stamp City located in Onehunga, has in the past produced name badges for Justices of the Peace, with authority to use the logo.  They can provide a generic design. Click HERE for the Request Form.  It is highly recommended that you receive a ‘proof’ before placing your final order and know what the final cost to you is likely to be.  Good luck.