At the recent Support Group Coordinators and Rosterers Meeting, the question was asked whether Accreditation should be a requirement for Justices undertaking the following volunteer roles in addition to their Ministerial duties.  The meeting strongly supported this move and agreed that since all Justices are initially sworn as Ministerial Justices, they should be required to maintain a level of competency demonstrated by accreditation.  The additional volunteer roles undertaken by any Justice may include:

  • working on a Service Desk
  • visiting clients in Hospital/Hospice
  • providing language support to clients
  • Nominated Person – Independent Witness
  • Section 9 – Independent Witness
  • Issuing Officers 
  • Judicial Justices

The Council have agreed that we should work toward all Justices involved in the above functions achieving accreditation by 31 August 2022.  The next Accreditation Study Group will be held on 4 July 2022 and nominations close on 30 June 2022.  If you are currently not accredited and/or carry out one of the above roles, please make an effort to become accredited as soon as possible.  See separate Accreditation Study Group notice on the website.


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