All of us work hard to avoid making mistakes with client documents, but mistakes do happen.  If we come across something incomplete or incorrect, we usually go ahead and fix it.  However, if we don’t give any feedback to the original Justice, they won’t be able to improve.  It is appropriate if we can identify the previous Justice, to try to contact them to provide neutral, factual feedback about a mistake.  If you don’t feel able to do that, you can refer the example to the Registrar.
Increasingly, we have heard of errors relating to the KiwiBuild Statutory Declaration.
Unfortunately, there have been some disappointed clients who have had their applications rejected because the statutory declaration was incomplete and, in consequence, they have either missed the deadline for their desired house or had the stress of finding another Justice and repeating their application at the very last moment.

This reflects badly on the work of Justices in general so, in an effort to be helpful, Support Group Coordinator Gordon Ragg offers a reminder of the requirements of this application.

The JP Ministerial Manual reference is para. 5.9
1. Read through the application with the client to check the required boxes in paras 3, 4 and 5 are ticked.
2. Note that there are two annexures, A and B, to be provided by the client,
3. Certify the copy of photo ID with the AML wording AND stamp with exhibit stamp and mark as Annex A
4. For applicants who are not NZ citizens, a certified copy of a Permanent Resident Visa must also be attached (A2)
5. Certify the copy of the IRD summary of earnings (as appropriate) AND stamp with exhibit stamp mark it as Annex B
6. Take the declaration and complete the attestation clause in the normal manner.

This is a very precise and detailed application of the statutory declaration which often has high emotional involvement for clients as well.  Let’s work to get it right every time!
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