Covid 19 is continuing to escalate and this has meant that the Royal Federation responds quickly in updating you on the latest information available.

Some of this information is likely to have a significant impact on the services provided by members of AJPA.

Judicial Justices

The Chief Justice and the Chief District Court Judge have directed that the various Judicial panels follow the directions announced by the Prime Minister and the Director General of Health over the weekend. Specifically that affects immediately Justices who are over 70 years of age or who are at risk from a health perspective should be isolated and not be available for the Court roster.   In the meantime all services by the Judicial Justices within the AJPA in all four courts have been withdrawn for the coming four weeks.

Section 9 & Nominated Persons

Justices providing Section 9 and Nominated Persons services must take measures to ensure that they are at minimal risk. If a Justice who is engaged in providing these services is uncomfortable they should withdraw their services.  This is currently being monitored.

Overall Justice of the Peace Services in the Community

The Ministry of Justice has acknowledged that the support that we as Justices of the Peace  are able to provide to the public is going to be limited. Courts have been directed to provide ‘counter services’ for the period that the Court JP Service Desks are not operating.


We are aware that some members will be relying on upcoming training sessions to maintain their Accredited status . As an interim measure a 90 day extension will be automatically applied to existing expiry dates. If required this can also be further extended. The adjustment is being made by the Royal Federation support team.

Find a JP

The format of the listings on Find a JP is being revised so that the names of Justices who are have indicated that they are not available will be hidden. Hopefully this will make it easier for members of the public to find a Justice of the Peace who is able to assist them.

Royal Federation

Any questions or queries requiring the attention of the Royal Federation staff should be directed to the Vice President Garry Nicholls ( in the first instance. The Royal Federation team are working from their homes.

If it is a local issue, feel free to contact the President Sherryl Wilson by phone on 021 275 6337 or by email

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