May Council Meeting

The Council of the Auckland Justices of the Peace Association held its monthly meeting electronically on May 13, 2020.

  • Due to Covid-19 conditions, the Council met remotely, as the previous meeting proved most effective
  • Significant communication regarding Covid-19 was assessed. Feedback has been positive, with members appreciating being kept fully informed regarding JP services under Level 4 and Level 3.
  • The Registrar reported multiple phone calls seeking JP services: in general these have been totally suspended.
  • The changes to Kiwisaver withdrawals, where the providers can now take declarations themselves, have been slow to reach front line provider staff, but are being worked through, as is the emergency process for some declarations being made through electronic media.
  • Hub professional development sessions will be re-planned once gathering numbers are raised enough to make them possible.
  • The Council congratulated the Training Team on the accreditation study group initiative: more than 200 sat and passed the accreditation test following the study group.  A great show of competence!
  • The work done to generate payment of AJPA membership fees has achieved 98% payment – higher than ever. This means additional support to members can be sustained; and the Lottery Grant well used.
  • The Council agreed to provide small desktop Perspex screens and sanitizer and wipes for Service Desks once these start operating again – only possible because membership fees and lotteries money is available.
  • Advice has been received that the planned venue for the 2020 AGM and Regional Conference is currently ‘in hibernation’ and not confirming bookings. At this stage, regional conferences are doubtful, so planning will continue for the 2020 AGM, either electronically or at a different venue, on the SAME date – Sunday, September 20.

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