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Limits to Justice of the Peace services

Recently a legal firm has contacted the Justice who had administered an AML certification, requesting completion of their legal practice’s internal witness form.  That was a reasonable request, but they also asked for photo ID from the Justice.  That is NEVER a requirement for a Justice, let alone for a lawyer’s internal records.
Some receiving agencies are requesting the Justice who administered a document, to forward them the signed copy directly (not via the client).    A Justice is NOT responsible for passing on documents; and should not have a scanned copy of administered documents on their computers (other than briefly during the electronic administration process). The receiving agency must work with their client themselves once a Justice has administered the documentation.
‘Sharsies’ is one organisation that requested the Justice to send documents directly: ‘Sharsies’ has recently advised the Royal Federation that they no longer require this from the Justice – and their new processes achieving similar safeguards is being implemented.
We should be aware that some agencies are asking Justices to work beyond their duties, possibly in order to make their own processes safer.  Justices should resist that pressure.