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There are an increasing number of KiwiBuild Applications being processed at this time.  Some basic mistakes are being made by Justices.  It is very important that we get this right as we do not want the client to miss out on a ballot.  

The KiwiBuild application is a Statutory Declaration which requires two exhibits before it can be completed by a Justice.

Exhibit A is photographic ID which needs to be stamped with the AML Stamp/AML wording written on it,  and must have an Exhibit stamp also placed on the document itself. Please ensure that the Photographic ID is copied completely and is a whole document with no corners cut off.  The letter ‘A’ is applied to the top of the document (Rule of three:  ‘A’ appears three times – in the SD; in the Exhibit stamp; and on the page itself)

If the client is not a New Zealand passport holder, Exhibit A also includes a visa; this is page 2/2 of Exhibit A.

Exhibit B is a copy of the clients IRD earnings.  This document should be stamped with an electronic certified copy stamp if viewed on an electronic device or just a certified copy stamp if an original is provided. It also needs an Exhibit stamp placed on the document – Exhibit B. The letter ‘B’ is applied to the top of the document. (Rule of three: ‘B’ appears three times).

Unless the Kiwibuild Statutory Declaration has the two exhibits present and stamped, it cannot be completed by a Justice.

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