General News


Thank you to all the Justices who have completed the survey.  

The Justices Quarterly Magazine is now available electronically from the Auckland JP website ( or the Royal Federation website ( Alternatively, you are able to receive your magazine by email, or as in the past, by NZ Post.

The cost of printing this magazine is increasing every year. Currently, the cost exceeds $40,000 per year and perhaps these funds could be better spent in other areas such as training.

An example of reading the JQ on the web can be found by clicking this LINK

A short survey has been developed requesting AJPA Members to decide whether they want to:

  1.  to read JQ on the web,
  2.  to receive a copy of JQ via email
  3.  to receive a paper copy of JQ.

The survey will take less than one minute to complete and will complete on the 7th November 2021