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AffidavitsJanuary2018 7
AML/CFT Act requirementsApril2018 7
Anti Money Laundering - AMLOctober2018 7
Burial and Cremation Act 1964January2018 8
Certifying Copies – from a computerJanuary2018 9
Certifying identification documents for financial institutionsApril2018 6
Client PrivacyJanuary2018 9
False declarations / affidavits (Breaking the law)July2018 9
Initialling every pageJuly2018 7
JP NumbersOctober2018 7
Judicial Studies Course 2019October2018 5
Kiwibuild Statutory DeclarationOctober2018 9
Log Books – (Maintaining a Record of Activities)January201810
Maintaining a Record of ActivitiesJanuary201810
Oaths – Administering - Other ways – (Its the clients choice)July201812
Overseas documentsApril2018 8
Passport ApplicationsOctober2018 8
QuizOctober2018 8
Quiz – Certified CopiesApril2018 9
Refugee travel document applications - Certificate of identityApril2018 9
Scamming – (Keeping scammers at bay)July201811
Separation Agreements – WitnessingJuly201810
Sound Mind - (A sound decision)July2018 8
Wills – (2012 Amendment to the Wills Act 2007)January201810
Wills – (Will you get it right ?)July2018 6
AccreditationOctober2019 5
Accreditation - Updating your education session recordOctober2019 8
Alternative ArrangementsJuly2019 9
AML Certified CopiesApril2019 6
AML Stamps (Buying thousand of stamps)April2019 6
Certified Copies - unusual formsOctober201911
Copy of Particular of MarriageJanuary2019 9
Exhibit NotesApril2019 7
Gmail Tips and TricksOctober2019 4
Issuing OfficersApril201911
JP RetiredOctober201910
Judicial Justice requirementsJuly2019 5
Judicial Justices of the PeaceApril201911
Judicial Studies CourseJuly2019 6
Justice of the Peace numbersOctober2019 8
Kiwi Access CardJanuary2019 6
Kiwibuild Statutory DeclarationApril201910
LINZ Requirements (A&I Forms)April2019 8
Marriage CertificatesJanuary2019 9
Marriage Dissolution Applications - Joint January2019 8
Marriage Dissolution Applications - One PartyJanuary2019 8
Marriage Dissolutions QuizJanuary2019 8
Nominated WitnessesApril201911
Not always a Justice of the PeaceApril2019 5
Online Presence  (Find a Justice of the Peace)April2019 9
Other JP RolesApril201911
Overseas Agency requiring verification (Expect a phone call)July2019 8
Powers of AttorneyJanuary2019 5
Prison VisitsJuly201910
QuizJuly2019 6
Quiz – Certified CopiesOctober201911
Quiz – Marriage DissolutionJanuary2019 8
Reference (Letter of Support)April2019 6
Search WarrantsJuly201911
Separation Agreement or OrderJanuary2019 9
The phone debate – landlines versus mobilesOctober2019 9
Visiting JusticesApril201911
Website Log InJuly201912
When in DoubtJanuary2019 7
Is this an Affidavit?October20209
Authority & IdentityJanuary20205
Certified Copies in a Covid WorldOctober202012
Dissolution of MarriageJanuary202011
Inquiries from all OverJanuary202012
Social Media - Traps for the UnwaryJanuary202010
Introduction to New Royal Federation WebsiteOctober20205
Statutory Declarations and ExhibitsJanuary20215 & 10
Privacy is Precious & Collection of Personal InformationJanuary20216-7
Sharing Personal InformationJanuary20218
Covid-19 Contract TracingJanuary20219
Find a JP - Availability while awayJanuary202111
Can You sign a Warrant to Arrest?January202112
What's my Username?January202112
How do I Retire?January202112
Why you shouldn't be anxious about the Accreditation Test?April20215
Sending Documents directly to the receiving agencyApril20216
Visa VerificationApril20216
The New Manual - Test Yourself and QuizApril20217 & 11-12
Is this an Original Birth CertificateApril20218
Searching for you on the RF WebsiteApril20219
Applications for dissolution of marriageApril202110
Epidemic Preparedness Notice - RenewedJuly20215
Power iof Attorney, Enduring Power of AttorneyJuly20216
Your profile - Royal Fed WebsiteJuly20218 & 9
Dealing with Lengthy DocumentsJuly202110
Use your Full NameJuly202110
When should I use the letters JPJuly202111
AffidavitsOct20215 & 6
Stickers instead of StampsOct20216
SuperGold Card - Primary IdentificationOct20217
Electronic SignaturesOct20218 & 10
AML and CFTOct202110
COVID Contact TracingOct202111
Epidemic Preparedness NoticeOct202111
What does Traffic Light System mean for JPs?Jan 20225
What is a 'full legal name'?Jan20226
What is my occupation?Jan20226
Test your Knowledge: AffidavitsJan20227
Advising Unavailability via the websiteJan20227
Tips for using Video CallsJan20228 & 9
Dealing with an Uncooperative ClientJan202210
Exemption from wearing a MaskJan202211
Administeriong documents onlineJan202211
What is a QR Code?Jan202212
What does 'sovereign citizen' mean?Jan202212
What is a Tiny URLApr20225
Documents administered online - RejectedApr20225
When did you last update your contact detailsApr 20225
Using your LogbookApr20226
Are you fluent in a language other than English?Apr20226
Keeping your Stamps safeApr20227
Separation AgreementsApr20227
Overseas Agencies requiring contact detailsApr20228
Epidemic Preparedness NoticeApr20229
Ministerial Manual - Documents other than EnglishApr202210
Fingerprinting ServiceApr202210
Be Prepared for the Unpredictable at a Service DeskApr202211
Education Page IndexApr202212
Forms of IdentificationJuly20225
True or FalseJuly20226
Communicating with Client with hearing lossJuly20227
Resign or RetireJuly20228
Updating your PhoneJuly20228
Staying Up to DateJuly20229 & 10
Making Yourself UnavailableJuly202210
Privacy RevisitedJuly202211 & 12
Apostille Certificates
Understanding marriage dissolutions
October20226 & 7
Keeping up with the codes
October20228 & 9
Video conferencing - Zoom communication
October202210 & 11
About the Judicial Course
Affidavit of Service
Understanding of AML-CFTJanuary20236 & 7
Serving the community
January20238 & 9
Electronic Certifying
January202310 & 11
New regulations under the Residential Tenancies Act 1986
Affidavits: the basicsApril20235 & 6
This is not an affidavitApril2023
6 & 7
How to update your address on the websiteApril20238 & 9
Who can help & Interacting with clientsApril202310 & 11
Zoom tipApril202311
Judicial Studies Course PracticumApril202312
Choosing your stamp nameJuly20235
Making the most of ZoomJuly20236 & 7
AI and Justices of the PeaceJuly20238
Other tasks undertaken by JPsJuly20239 & 10
ScenariosJuly202310 & 11
Education pages indexJuly202312
Sign this warrantOctober20235 & 6
The Anti Money Laundering ActOctober20237 & 8
Overseas Statutory DeclarationsOctober20239
This is not an affidavitOctober202310
Tactical Communication can helpOctober202311
Updating your record of attendanceOctober202312
Engaging with sovereign citizensJanuary20245 to 8
Changing your address on the websiteJanuary20248 & 9
Marriage DissolutionJanuary202410 to 12
Kiwisaver withdrawalsApril20245
Witnessing a signatureApril20246
Conflicts of interestApril20247
Identification quiz and answersApril20248 to 10
Attachments to affidavits and stat declarationsApril202411
Safety in your homeApril202412
When you cannot helpApril202412


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