General News


It has been reported by several Justices that ‘Cold Callers‘ are on the increase.  These callers appear to originate from New South Wales, Australia and are advising of new listings on the stock exchange from which they are offering you a unique opportunity to invest some of your hard-earned cash.  Please be aware of these callers as they can be persistent and very pushy.  Treat them with disdain and do not give them any personal details.  There are many ways of dealing with these type of calls but here is a suggestion.

Hanging on the telephone
I find the most satisfying way of dealing with these calls is simply to put the phone down gently and quietly – not on the receiver but next to it. You can then walk away serenely unruffled leaving the intrusive caller to try and work out whether you are still listening or if they have been cut off. Even better (given the chance) is to say “my partner/wife/husband deals with that – just a minute please” and then give them the same treatment. This method even works well on the pre-recorded calls. While I am sure these people do not pay by the minute it must maximise their costs and cut down the number of other people they can bother. Replace the phone at your own convenience when they have gone away.