The JP Locator application has been launched and is now available from the main menu of the Auckland Justices of the Peace Association website (  The application provides the ability to search for any Justice of the Peace in the Auckland Region by name, postcode, suburb, street name or any string of characters.   Only Auckland Justices belonging to the Auckland Association are shown.

The application is fast and commences searching the moment you enter a letter into the search box.  

The application does not provide any street numbers, only the name of the street.  To assist clients a google map is also available under the ‘Map it’ column. 

It is not intended that JP Locator replace the Royal Federation ‘Find a JP’ search application but will sit alongside the main application.

Go on give it a go.  If you find your address or phone numbers are incorrect or you have had a landline disconnected, then please take the time and go to Contact Us and send the Registrar an email to update your records.  If you wish to have your preferred name changed, then again, please send the Registrar an email. by using Contact Us.